Less than a month left! oO

Hello everyone :)


I hope you're all fine, I am, though I'm really, really sad it's less than a month left. Only two weeks of school! On the other side, I'm happy to come home, to Germany, again (I dream sometimes of German food...).

So, but the last two weeks were pretty good. I start to feel really to be "home" here, I get settled (and that's why it's gonna be SO hard to leave).


The week before the last week

That week we had no school on Monday, because it was Victoria Day, but we don't have spring break - as in Germany ("Pfingstferien") - now.

The rest of the week we had 7am band rehearsals before school in order to prepare for the concert. It was kind of exhausting, but not as bad as I had expected. We also had extra-rehearsals for Choir. Yes, it was a...powerful (?) week.
On Friday, after before-school-rehearsal and a Math test (I got 82%, could be better though :D) we went to CAMP ARNES. That's a activity/outdoor/recreation/camp thing, located at Lake Winnipeg (it looked like in "Camp Rock", we girls thought). We went there originally to doing some zip-line/wall-climbing/etc. stuff, but it rained. All day. That was a bad thing, because I think Camp Arnes is usually a really cool place to do outdoor activities, when the sun shines it must be really beautiful. But we had fun anyways, though we didn't do anyhting they had planned for us; we played fun games inside, and the food there was DELICIOUS. I really liked it there, it was a good day! :)
On the weekend I did...nothing, I believe :D

The last week

Last week we had the concert on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday morning/afternoon we had dress rehearsal(s) for both Choir and Band, so I didn't go to school. The concert was in a church (and is really kind of hard to reach with Winnipeg Transit) and I liked the sound there. The concerts went pretty well, considering a week before, when we started extra rehearsals, the teachers were really mad and disappointed and angry and us, because we performed so poorly and didn't sell tickets (acutally, our Choir teacher dismissed us early from Choir, because he was not willing to listen to us any longer...).

Thursday afternoon the student council put on the annual spring carnival, which means they offered some games and activities outside, sold food and popcorn and stuff, there was a beach volleyball tournament, music, AND SO MUCH SUN. I think everybody got sunburned. But it was fun. I tie dyed a shirt, it was really fun, though there were not so many colours and my t-shirt had size L! Oh, and all money they received from the carnival went to charity!

After the concert on Thursday we went to Moxie's with Band/Choir, a really cool, delicious, though a bit expensive, restaurant. Because we had to move the stuff from the church to the school before, we arrived there at 11pm, and I had to leave at midnight, because we had school next day.

On Friday everybody came to my house for movies (yay, 3D-TV and surround system), we watched Thor and Dark Knight.

On the weekend I had to finish my English assignments, I'm just glad I'm done now!

TODAY: I got my MMC hoodie!!! :) I'm so happy and proud to have school wear now, I LOVE my hoodie (it is worth the $75...). It's really soft and has my name on it. You can see it on the pictures below!


That's it now. It feels really strange, less then a month left, considering 4 (!) months are already gone. It doesn't feel like 4 months though! I always get a feeling of panic when I think about leavin, I don't want to! Knowing probably never see those people again...it'll be harder to say good-bye to them then to my German friends, honestly. When I was saying good-bye to Germany, I knew: On the first of July I will returen. Now it's like: Who knows when we will EVER meet again?


One big thing is still coming up: Our shopping trip with my host family to North Dakota on Friday! I'm really excited for that!


So, take care guys and enjoy your life!


Adina :)


That's one of the pieces we performed with Choir at the Concert. I really like it! If it shouldn't work, you can just google "Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror". I just wanted to share it with you!


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    dr Goischt isch nom oms Eck.... (Wednesday, 06 June 2012 10:40)

    kannst du noch ein Bild von dem Hoodie (also der GANZE) hochladen?
    Wer hat dir die Frisur beigebracht?
    du must die lernen und mir dannnn (oh, bisschen zu viele) beibringen!

  • #2

    Adina (Thursday, 07 June 2012 02:17)

    Rebecca ak "dr Goischt isch nom oms Eck..." (was soll denn das? :D): Ich schick dir eins per E-Mail, ok? Eigentlich habe ich ihn ja auch in einem Foto an ;) Die Frisur hat mir Davina gemacht, ich kann sie selbst nicht!

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