Paintball and other stuff (that hurts)

Hi guys!


I know, it's a while since I wrote last time in my blog (3 weeks?!). Well, but I have something special for you: a video! I hope you like it. I talk German (ok, a bit of Englsih too) and the quality isn't very good either, but you might still get an impression.

Because: Yesterday we were able to see a partial (solar) eclipse here in Winnipeg! I think that's pretty cool, because an eclipse doesn't occur very often and it's good that I'm in Winnipeg right now, because you weren't able to see it e.g. in Europe. The camera couldn't capture the eclipse, but with those glasses you were able to see it relatively good (the sun looked liked the moon then). Actually, you could see it without the glasses too, but it isn't very healthy to look directly in the sun!

But it took super-long to get there, Assiniboine Park is really at the other side of the city, I had to ride the bus for 1,5h!

You can see it on the map:

Another cool thing I did was - obviously - paintball. And it hurts! So much! I actually only played 5 games or something, because after the first few times I was so scared to get hurt again that I didn't want to play anymore. But it was still fun, it reminded me somehow of hide-and-seek.

The paintball place where we went was a bit outside of Winnipeg and there aren't any busses going there. So we ended up walking there an hour or even longer! It was quiet a journey to get there. You can also see the paintball place in the map.


Something else that changed: I have to go by bus to school now. Sadly. It's so annoying, by car it's like 15 min, and by bus it's 35min (including walking to the bus stop and waiting). Especially wiht my violine! (See the distance bus stop - school on the map!)

And I don't have spanish class anymore, because all Grade 12 IB classes end in May. So, half of the time I spend in school I don't have classes!


A couple weeks ago we also had soccer day with all the other internationals from my school district. It was pretty fun to be with so many people (I think about 100? I don't know) and we had pizza lunch and cookies and everything.


On Fridays after school we usually go to Polo Park for shopping and movies or to somebody's house. I saw Dark Shadows with Jonny Depp, a really interesting movie!


Also, one international from Germany left and we did a (more or minor suprise) party for him and went for sushi. As I don't like fish I don't enjoy sushi so much, but it was still a good goodbye-party.


School is going well (haha, as I rarely have classes). I had a presentation in my English class and got 13/15 and I had my Spanish exam. This was really strange, because I was supposed to write it on Thursday, but the moment I walked into the room (I was a bit late though too), the teacher told me I had to write my exam the next day, because I am not in the IB program. Ok. Why? However, I wrote it on Friday, alone, and the teacher left the room all the time... But I think I did ok.


And it was HOT last week. So I had to go shopping for summerclothes :D

BIG NEWS: My host family and I are going to the States for shopping in June! That's cool, isn't it? I'm so excited, though I had some trouble with that travel form...

Anyways, it was hot all last week, but then, on Friday, when we waited at the bus stop, all the rain came down. It was SO raining, and thunderstorm and everything. And the stupid bus driver of 44 ditched us, so we had to wait for half an hour. I was wet all over!


Another big thing that's coming up is the spring concert. I have 7am rehearsals before school all this week (though I didn't have school today, on Monday). The concert itself is next week, we have dress rehearsal and everyhing. I'm pretty excited and also anxious, especially with Band, Choir is more relaxing. But I'm looking forward to the concert, because everyone says it's always great!

We also have a field trip to Camp Arnes at Lake Winnipeg on Friday, so let's see how the next two weeks will go!


I promise to write in two weeks again!

Stay safe


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    jensen12 (Saturday, 30 June 2012 11:31)

    Watching solar-eclipse and playing paintball must be super-fun! As long as the hurt is there, it will definitely remind you about the fun-time you had. It seems you really did quite a lot of stuffs in the last 3 weeks like having a soccer day with internationals from your school district, surprise good-bye party for one of them, shopping for summer clothes and the like, and that explains why you were not scripting for your blog for quite some time!

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    Adina (Friday, 25 May 2012 04:48)

    Mama: Findest du die Musik immer noch zu laut? Ich finde, ich hatte sie schon ziemlich leise eingestellt. Ich versuche, das Konzert mit meiner Kamera oder meinem Handy aufzunehmen, oder verdonnere jemand anders dazu!

    Anja: Haha, ja, den Satz sag ich ziemlich oft! :D Aber ich hab dann doch noch meine vier Buchstaben hochgekriegt :D
    Auf alle Fälle skype!!! Skype mit Freunden macht mir immer voll gute Laune :) Komm einfach mal am Wochenende online, wenn du's mit deiner Cam hingekriegt hast!
    Ich freu mich auch schon, wieder bei meinen "Deutschland"-Freunden zu sein! :):)

    Julia: Well, in 3, almost 4 weeks happens a lot!
    It's only my opinion paintball hurts that much, I guess I'm a bit sensitive... Yes, try as much as you can in Canada!
    Oh, so your bus system isn't so much better than the one here!
    Haha, not throwing out will be a difficult mission!
    Have a nice upcoming-stay too!

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    Julia / Kephiso (Wednesday, 23 May 2012 14:32)

    Hi Adina!
    Wow, what a lot of stuff!
    A bit you had already told me in your mail, but...
    I didn't know that Paintballing hurt so much!
    But I really want to try it in Kelowna! I swear!

    Well, for me going to school by car takes ... 9 minutes. By bus: I leave at 20 past seven, walk for ten to fifteen minutes and drive for another fifteen. -.-

    Well, have a nice rest-stay! (and don't throw out all your money!)
    Best regards,

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    Anja (Tuesday, 22 May 2012 23:43)

    Ich liebe dein Video. Bester Satz: No, I'm too lazy! :D Die Musik hat so dazu gepasst, aber man hat dich gar nicht gesehen :(
    Wir müssen mal skypen... sobald ich herausgefunden habe, wie die Cam von meinem Lappi angeht :D
    Freu mich schon so drauf, wenn ich dich endlich wieder sehe! Ohne dich fehlt einfach was :)
    Vermiss dich
    Kisses and Hugs
    Anjo^^ :*

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    Mama (Tuesday, 22 May 2012 08:05)

    Wow, was für ein Monster-Blog-Eintrag! Das Video ist schön (bißchen laute Musik vielleicht ;-)
    Ich wär so gerne dabei bei dem Konzert (wie halt Mütter so sind)!