Hey everyone (for those still reading)!


I just wrote like half of the text and then I accidentally pressed back and everything was deleted >.< However.


It's unbelievable it's already mid-term, isn't it? I'm not quite sure when exactly the mid of the term is, I think it should be April 15, but we get mid-term report cards tomorrow, so it must be somewhere around the last weekend. I like it so much here!!!


So, what did I do the past two weeks?


First of all, there were TWO fire alarms at school in row. On Wedensday was no real fire at all, but on Thursday there was really a fire in the boys' washroom :D  At first I was a bit confused because I didn't know what to do, but then it got a bit annoying, waiting outside for half an hour or so...


That day after school we first went to Polo Park. I got there in my spare earlier to buy rosin for my violine in a music store near Polo Park - the one I bought is actually from Germany and it looks similar to my old one :D In the evening we went alltogether to a friends house to watch movies and eat pizza.


On Thursday my violine E string ripped during band class (in which also happened the secon fire alarm). I tried to fix it at the weekend on skype with my sister, because luckily I had a second string at home, but I somehow managed also breaking this one too. So, two broke strings in four days, yay :P


After school I went for sushi with the other Germans (and on Czech boy :D). It was ok, it's a bit difficult to enjoy sushi if you don't like fish, but it tasted suprisingly good. Plus I learn how to eat with chopsticks! :P It was bit complicated because I had my violine with me and my credit card didn't work...the daily problems of an exchange student!


Then, last Friday [the following day] we had a field trip with my Spanish class to the University/College of St Boniface, because it was "Dia de la Hispanidad" ("Day of (being) Spanish"). The Spanish Teacher Association of Manitoba offered some workshops for all the high school spanish student of Winnipeg. I had "artesania" (means art/crafts, we mainly glued wool on a piece of paper to get a whole picture) and "Zumba", that's a mixture of aerobic and latin-american dancing. I enjoyed both, but especially zumba was so much fun, I really want to start it in Germany! The food was also DELICIOUS! ;-) But it rained and we had to use Winnipeg transit, means public transport (bussing and so on...).


On the weekend I did nothing, just relaxing. Spanish is really much work for the IB exam gets nearer and nearer. But I still like Spanish more than in Germany! My English is getting better, I start thinking some words in German and preferring English words (like "supposed" - there's no translation for that!). But I don't think I make that much progress in difficult, written English (eg. for a newspaper article of Macbeth...).


Last Thursday we went (after hours of discussing) to a friend's house and watched - suprise, suprise - movies! It was still funny and the family made us spagetti and they had a piano :)

And on Friday we had no school at all!


This weekend I finally got new strings (they were SO cheap in my opinion) and we had a family barbecue. My host mum left today for a week in Utah, BUT she said maybe we would go to the states in June alltogether! That would be so cool!!


I hope you are all fine - I am, unless it's a bit strange to know that this new life has an end (June 30) and you may never see this people again :( I can't stop saying I'm SO glad that I'm here, it was one of the best decisions in my life. It's not perfect, but there's no such thing as perfection in life in my opinion! :)


Have a great time


Taz and Bentley
Dogs enjoy good weather too!
bracelet "Weltentdecker"
"Weltentdecker" from KulturLife - by Instagram
4 guys at Polo Park
Polo Park - our second home :P
sky at Polo Park
But I like it :)
My violine
New strings! You can still see the rosin.
Yummy sushi - by Instagram.
random people sitting around
University of St Boniface
pink origami frog
That's what happens on a boring weekend - pink origami frog!
We have lockers like in High School Musical! :P
some MEXICANS - and on Turkey :P
What should we do?? :D
sky and backyards and fences
Winnipeg! View from our backyard

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  • #8

    Adina (Thursday, 10 May 2012 03:18)

    My lovely Beate <3
    I miss you too!!! I really learned the value of frienship here! :)
    Hey, I lool forward to reading it! Thanks ;)
    Love you more :D

  • #7

    Beate (Wednesday, 09 May 2012 14:20)

    My lovely Adina :)
    I just want you to say, that I love reading your blog and that I miss you sooooo much!
    I'm going to bring your letter to the post tomorrow! :)
    love you :)
    Beate :*

  • #6

    Adina (Sunday, 06 May 2012 21:11)

    Julia, I wrote you an e-mail :)

  • #5

    Julia / Kephiso (Sunday, 06 May 2012 20:37)

    Hi Adina!
    I know, I know, I just wrote a mail, but somehow I forgot more than half the stuff I wanted to say! (And a few things came up, too! (I actually wrote "zoo" instead of "too"... *headdesk*)

    Midterm must be like what, five weeks from the start? At least in BC it's like that, 'cause my school offers term long courses (I chose Robotics & Drafting, so I noticed it), and they're only ten weeks... is it the same with you?

    Two fir ealarms? Now that you remind me, I realized that we hadn't had our "unannounced" yet... o.O

    [i]Geigenharz[/i]? Do you need it for the strings of your violin?

    You can eat sushi even though you don't like fish? Why hasn't anybody told me that?!
    How cool! It does look tasty, at least!

    I could have told ya' that Zumba is fun! (Didn't I?)
    It's really one of the best sports, especially with the cool trainer we have.
    Unfortunately it's in the mornings, so I'm at school :(

    There are a great lot of words which you can't translate literally! (Much to my Mama's displeasure!)

    I do hope you'll be able to visit the states!
    I'll cross my fingers for you!

    Best regards,

    P.S.: I have 117 days, 16 hours and thirty three minutes left until my plane from Frankfurt to Vancouver takes off!
    P.P.S.: Sorry for this long comment! ;)

  • #4

    Adina (Sunday, 06 May 2012 19:59)

    2 Wochen später, lalalala...

    Mama: Echt? In Deutschland habe ich aber auch nie so richtig Sushi gegessen.
    Becci (ich weiß, dass es du bist): Ich weiß davor habe ich voll Angst!!
    Leah: Google Analytics sagt, dass ca. 18 Leute täglich herkommen...aber ob die das auch wirklich lesen? Hiermit rufe ich alle auf, zu kommentieren!
    Stimmt :D Ich wünsche dir auch noch eine wundervolle Zeit :) <3

  • #3

    Leah (Friday, 27 April 2012 18:05)

    Hey Adi ;)
    dir gehts also gleich mit der Annahme dass das hier niemand liest??? :D
    Also ich auf jeden fall schon :)
    Und jetzt hattet ihr endlich auch mal Feueralarm und nicht nur ich :D
    Wünsche dir noch eine wunderschöne Zeit <3

  • #2

    invisible name :D (Wednesday, 25 April 2012 12:03)

    Jetzt musst du halt aufpassen, dass die Saite NICHT reißt..:D
    aber da sind ja noch 3 andere, die reißen können ;)

  • #1

    Mama (Wednesday, 25 April 2012)

    Dann hat's ja endlich geklappt mit den Saiten! Sushi sieht hier ganz anders aus. Mir gefällt Dein letzter Satz - sehr weise!