Spring Break - 2 Months - Happy Easter!

Hi everybody!


I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! Happy Easter too! And I'm sorry I didn't write last week, but I heard you don't have so much time to read my blog either, so I think you're all fine.


It was Spring Break two weeks ago and it was a bit sad we weren't allowed to travel (not even for one day within Manitoba...). But I went to a birthday "party"...well, we only went to a mall called Kildonan Place (KP), it's smaller than Polo Park, but nearer. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut - yummi pizza (I had pizza for lunch too, but in my opinion you can never get enough pizza!) :) On Thursday I went shopping with the girls at Polo Park, it was so fun, and it was actually the first time I went there for shopping and not just eating and movies. I spent quite a bit money, but some things were really essential, e.g. batteries (so I can show you the pictures now I made with my camera :)).

The next day I went to a friend's house (he lives outside the city and we had to walk 20 min to get there from the bus stop, and I already walked 20 min to the bus stop, because I got off to early from the bus...I'm not sure if bussing is really my thing...) and we watched a movie. Then we went to the airport to meet a returning Semester 1 student from Germany who spends his easter break in Canada. Unfortunately we missed him, so we waited 2h there in vain...well, that's life. It was fun anyway :)


It was so strange being at the airport again, I could really see me walking down the stairs...I wondered how much happened since the time I first met my host family. It was DEFINITELY a good decision coming to Canada, I learned so much, met so many amazing people, my English gets better every day (but I still think I could make progress faster, I'm too much into German here). It was really strange.


This week was school again. School was like...always ;D The weather was good though,  I spent my spares outside. We had a test in Math...the usual. Math's really boring and English's hard, reading Macbeth always makes me a headache. Spanish and Band is fun, in Choir I don't really share the opinions of the teacher, but I like singing!


On Thursday this week we did yoga in our Spanish class. In Spanish, which means the instructor spoke Spanish with us...and we did yoga in Spanish :D It was a bit exhausting though, but I like yoga. I think about taking yoga classes when I'm back in Germany, but I'd like to do Zumba too, and I can't do both, so I think I'll start Zumba and do yoga on Wii!

Back to the topic. On Thursday all classes only lasted 35 min and we didn't have lunch break, so school was over at 12:00. We went...again...to Polo Park... This time it was really annoying, we went two times to the cinema and decided to times not to watch a movie and somebody came up with this silly idea of hiding my binder and I almost freaked out! Yeeeeeees, I really love the people here ;D


On Friday night, which was Good Friday, we had a family dinner. I absolutely love baked potatoes ;D It was kind of strange having a dinner on Good Friday, because usually Good Friday is the day when you absoulutely don't eat any special food...at least that's how it is in my (real) family.

On Saturday (yesterday) we went to the parents of my host mother who live 40 min outside Winnipeg. It was the first time outside Winnipeg for me, and I have to say: Manitoba is really flat, and there is NOTHING. I met the whole family there (had some food, of course) and we watched hockey ("It's hockey night in Canada"). The Jets lost :(

Did I mention that the Winnipeg Jets are the local ice hockey team? Everybody is crazy about the Jets, you can't even get tickets for this season and everybody has something from the Jets (shirt, cap, hoodie,...). The Jets are really integrated in the everyday-life of the people, I think you don't even have a chance to decide whether you want to be a Jets fan or not, everybody living in Winnipeg MUST be a Jets fan!


Yes, that's mainly what happened. Did I mention I watched The Hunger Games two times? My host sibling asked me if I wanted to join them as they were going to the cinema and of course I said yes! Good movie :)

The pictures uploaded are I think from the time we went to The Forks with the other internationals. I'm not sure if they're interesting! :D


Aaaaww. I ate to much chocolate eggs. The easter bunny came during supper tonight...that was funny :P


Oh, I almost forgot the video of the week (2 weeks ;D). The song is called "Call me maybe" and it's from Carly Rae Jepsen, a Canadian singer. Call Me Maybe is SO popular here, I can't believe you don't know it, they play it ALL THE TIME on the radio here. I think it's my favourite song right now. Though it's not real music, but this a bit annoying pop music, it still puts me in a good mood and it's good for getting awake ;-)

I hope this video will work in Germany.

I'm absolutely in love with VEVO. I think VEVO is the American/German GEMA, but the good thing is that VEVO doesn't lock the videos (so it's NOT "Dieses Video ist in deinem Land nicht vefügbar, da die GEMA nicht die erforderlichen Rechte eingeräumt hat" --> VEVO räumt immer die Rechte ein!).

Bottom line, I can watch all official music videos here :)


I miss German Easter traditions and going to the easter night service (when it comes to easter, I'm apparently much into this church thing)!!! I don't really realize it's Easter.



Adina :)

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    Mama (Thursday, 12 April 2012 18:39)

    So, dann kam der Osterhase also doch noch! Hier haben sich auch allerhand Schoko-Hasen eingefunden. Die Crepes sehen übrigens sehr lecker aus! (Warum kommentiert ein Turnschuh-Händler deinen Blog??)

  • #2

    despicable me :) (Friday, 13 April 2012 11:32)

    ich will auch so creps..
    aber ich hab noch 6 osterhasen oder so, und noch anderes Zeugs...

  • #3

    Adina (Saturday, 14 April 2012 00:06)

    Mama: Das war soooo lustig! Ich hab aber schon voll viel wieder aufgegessen :D Die Crepes waren auch köstlich - wir müssen mal wieder zu The Forks.
    (Das nent sich Spam. Bin bloß noc nicht dazu gekommen, es wie sonst immer zu löschen. Muss ich wohl CAPTA (Spamschutz) wieder reinmachen...)

    Becci: Despicable me, schon klar :D Naja, Heimatfest kommt auch wieder ;-)

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    wer sonst :D (Sunday, 15 April 2012 17:35)

    Lella hat jetzt auch zweimal hunger games gesehen :D
    ja Heimatfest kommt wieder, aber du bist nicht da :P