The Tributes of Panem

Happy Hunger Games!


I watched this movie yesterday and it was AWESOME! It's the best movie based on a booked I know (it was even better than the Harry Potter movies - but the books are not so good, because nothing is better than Harry Potter!) and I loved it! So, check it out!

And I'm sorry that there was no entry last week, but the batteries of my camera were empty...and there still empty (batteries are SO expensive here!). But I can still show you the pictures from my cell phone. Would you like to see a video I made? Please comment!

I now have spring break! But I'm not quite sure what to do, because we're not allowed to travel without an adult, not even within Manitoba (but I have to double-checkt this). We will probably see Winnipeg...

Last weekend we had a loooooong weekend, we had Thursday and Friday off. On Thursday we went to The Forks. It was SO beautiful weather, really sunny and we had lots of fun. We had ice cream and played Bullshit (a card game where you have kind of to lie). In the evening we went Polo Park (again, I now) and! It's a hockey movie about a guy who only plays hockey for fighting. It was a good movie, althought violent (it was a 18+ movie...), but a good story. I think I've never watched so many movie in my entire life!

Oooh, and we had a field trip to...The Forks!!! But it was funny, because we didn't had to go to school and we usually would have played some kind of hockey, but because of the food weather there was no ice :D So we just had to answer a question sheet about The Forks and then we were allowed to do whatever we want!

And: I went with my host family to a candy store (I forgot the name :D). And they have EVERY candy I've ever sas! They have everything chocolate covered, dried fruites, dog sweets (:D), easter things,... *__*

Yeah. That's pretty much all about what happened the last two weeks. We got report cards. I think mine is pretty good, all the teachers wrote positive stuff (but I think that's what they always do anyway).


This video we watched in our last band class, because half of the band was in Scotland, so we just watched music videos, for example the Piano Guys. The video below is only recorded by the Piano Guys, but the pianist is INCREDIBLE! And Harry Potter has the movie music ever!!! Just enjoy the magic. And check out more videos of The Piano Guys :)

But The Hunger Games is the better movie anyway! *__*


May the odds be ever in your favour.


Adina <3

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    jensen12 (Saturday, 30 June 2012 11:32)

    Ok, if it’s better than Harry Potter movies than definitely need to watch Happy Hunger Games! Visiting Forks is always fun especially when it’s sunny!

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    adinas-canadays (Friday, 06 April 2012 04:05)

    Harry Potter-Filmmusik is best :)
    Ok, dann mach ichs :D
    DAS ist ein Piratensmiley .)

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    Daniela (Wednesday, 04 April 2012 19:42)

    Mein Bruder hat mal auch ein cooles video gefunden und nachdem er das gesehen hat hat er einen Monat lang die ganze Zeit nur noch Harry Potter gespielt aber das Video selber ist fantastisch:)

    Und ich fänds schön wenn du das Video, das du gemacht hast zeigen würdest.
    Was ist ein Piratensmiley???

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    Adina (Tuesday, 27 March 2012 21:54)

    Mama: Ja, echt schade!!! Ich hab ein bisschen recherchiert, ein paar Outdoor-Aktivitäten gibt es anscheinend schon, aber dafür müsste das Wetter mal besser werden (es regnet gerade...).

    Leah: Du musst es unbedingt anschauen!!! Oh, dann bist du gerade wohl in good old Germany? Die Zeit vergeht wirklich schnell!

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    Leah (Monday, 26 March 2012 14:31)

    Hey sweetheart :)
    Panem!!! ich bin sooo neidisch :D aber ich werde es auch noch sehen :D
    Hab jetzt gerade auch 3 Wochen Ferien :)
    genieß die Zeit, sie vergeht viel zu schnell :)
    alles Liebe <3

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    Mama (Monday, 26 March 2012 08:28)

    Echt schöne Musik, der Pianist ist nicht schlecht ;-)
    Schade, dass ihr nicht reisen dürft, weil außer Polo Park und The Forks scheint es in Winnipeg ja nicht viel zu geben, oder täuscht der Eindruck?
    Bei uns scheint die Sonne genauso wie bei Dir!
    Schöne Ferien!