1 month - unbelievable!

Hi there!


I'm already one month here, and I think this is kind of incredible. The time went by SO fast; it doesn't feel like I'm here for one month, but more then two weeks!

And therefore I think it's time to draw up a summary:



  • I went throgh the airports in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Toronto and Winnipeg almost alone
  • I can walk through Miles Mac without looking at the floor plan
  • I met sooooo many cool people at Miles Mac
  • New Student Orientation --> even more amazing persons
  • I was able to take the bus home, completly alone
  • I went to Polo Park: Shopping! (and St Vital too :D)
  • I can watch 2 Broke Girls
  • I can watch all those cool American shows: Superbowl, Oscars, Grammys,...
  • I LOVE bagels and cupcakes (and I know the differences between muffins and cupcakes :D)
  • I had fun!
  • I watched Apple-Keynotes with Steve Jobs
  • my English is getting better, especially my listening skills and I also speak a lot more English
  • it feels very familiar here, my memories of Germany start to vanish
  • I like school, even Spanish (I hated it in Germany, but here it's one of my favourite classes)
  • I got amazing birthday presents from Germany :D
  • ...and from Canada!
  • I'm good at the quizzes/tests at school
  • I picked courses for my next school year in Germany
  • I saw an exclusive scene preview for The Hunger Games and also of course the trailer AND we will go there on March 23!
  • I was happy

Total: 20 (but I could list much more things!)



  • I don't have anybody who's my real best friend
  • I hate my English assignment
  • I can't play the pieces in my Band class
  • I eat unhealthy
  • I don't do any sports (and I don't really want to, but I should :D)
  • I still write, listen to and speak a lot of German
  • Math class is SO boring and easy and I'm scared of not being able to get the stuff in Math back in Germany
  • I miss my friends and family
  • I haven't been to the festival and The Forks yet
  • I sometimes can't open my window :D
  • I spend lots of time alone (ok, with my hostfamily) at home
  • I'm always late for school :D
  • I watch too much TV and bad movies such as Ghostrider 2 :D
  • my credit card doesn't work sometimes!
  • I was unhappy

Total: 15 (but some of the aren't really negative :D)


Positives: 20             Negatives: 15               --> Positive wins! :)


I hope you enjoyed this entry. This week was very good, I think Friday was one of my best days here. I don't know why, but I was very happy :) This week I had school as normal (but a 60 minute TA minute where we just played a game), on Friday I had a Math open-book test, but then we went to the New Student Orientation. I had so much fun, although the content was...well...not that new and interesting for us. After "school" we went to Polo Park and watched Ghostrider 2 (worst movie ever!). On Saturday we went to Subway for supper and afterwards to Walmart (I somehow like Canadian supermarkets). Today we went shopping at a mall called St Vital and had some New York Fries (they're really good!).


I hope you're all fine! :)



PS: 1. Thanks to Tess for the inspiration! ;)

2. I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but it is so much easier for me to take photos with my (1-megapixel) cell phone-camera!

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    Leah (Monday, 05 March 2012 18:29)

    Hey meine liebe :)
    Oh ja die Zeit vergeht so schnell im Ausland!!! :)
    Aber auf jeden Fall ist es gut dass du die Zeit genießt :), und nicht mehr lang, dann sitzt du wieder daheim in der langweiligen Schule und hast alle deine Lieben wieder um dich :)
    Bleib weiterhin happy, und alles was bis jetzt noch nicht super war wird es noch werden!!! :D
    Liebe Grüße deine Leah <3

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    Adina (Monday, 05 March 2012 23:07)

    Leah: ;-) Ich hab ja schon gespaltene Gefühle über wieder nach Deutschland zurückkommen! :D Viele Grüße nach Engelland <3