First Week :)

Hi there!


I did my last blog entry almost one week ago (ok, 5 days), so I think it's time to tell you more about my Canadian life. I'm sure you're all SO excited to hear about my first week :D


So, on Tuesday was my first "real" day of school, where I had lessons and so on. First lessons was Spanish and it was difficult, because the people ther speak Spanish fluently (it's their mother tongue), but the lessons was not so different from the German ones (we worked on a song called "La calle", so that's what we do in Germany, too).The teacher is very friendly, but she spoke Spanish so fast!  I didn't found the room, but luckily I met one of the International Program teachers, she showed me how to get to my locker and to my classroom. Next was Math, which I had with the other German girl and a Korean girl. Math was SO easy, they talked about how to multiply fractions...I did this in Grade 7 or so on, however. My Math teacher was young, but nice and a really good teacher! Then I had spare (no classes). After I found the library (pretty difficult :D) I met the German boy so we spent the lesson chatting about Germany (my dialect was a topic too, of course...). Then we had lunch with the other international students. I love them all :P In the afternoon I had English Grade 11. The people there are all so old! We had to write a text about a topic (I wrot a short story on "a time when something good came from something bad"), so it was ok. And everybody has to bring a book, so that you can read when you're finished. And my English teacher is the footbal coach...but I think he's ok. My last lesson was Band. I like Band :) It was incredibly loud in the room, and my violine was really out of tune, but the teacher helped me and I was ok. We played some scales, Fugue in G Minor of Bach and the Fantasy Of Flight by Williams, including themes from Star Wars! Band is really one of my favourite subjects, I like the teacher, I like the people (another German girl playing the flute is in my Band class too) and I like the pieces. But I'm the only violine and I have to play the Oboe notes! After I found my locker (which took me a looooooooong time) we went home. I did a little bit of homework, but then relaxed, watched TV (2 Broke Girls, it's SO funny!), my host sister made a cake (it smelled so good) but I was tired and went to bed soon.

On Wednesday I had nearly the same schedule, but I had Choir in Lunch. The teacher is relly good, but he has high expectations. We came too late (emabarrasing...), but they sang only songs from the last semster, so we couldn't join anyway. Last lessons was spare (boooooring), because Band is only on Day 2s.

Well, on Thursday was Day 2 again, which means same schedule as on Tuesday. Spanish got even more difficult (I simply can't talk in Spanish really), in Math I even learned a little bit new. But I (and my Spanish teacher) decided that I would change courses. So I went to Ms Okano, the International Program teacher to change my schedule. I spoke with Mrs Zubricki, who did my schedule, and I changed into an easier Spanish (still Grade 12, but they don't speak fluently) and a more difficult Math class. So this is my schedule:

Day 1                                  Day 2

Math (Grade 11)                    Math (Grade 11)

Spanish (Grade 12)               Spanish (Grade 12)

spare                                   spare

Choir                                   LUNCH

English (Grade 11)                English (Grade 11)

spare                                   Band

I have to say, I like Day 2 more, because I don't have so many spares (they're really kinda boring, I read most times, because I have no homework) and I have Band, which is really fun! I forogt to say: Every lesson is around 67 minutes, then 5 minutes for class change (in which they alwas play songs, e.g. the Beatles!). After 3 slots (=lessons) is Lunch, and in the afternoon another 2 slots, so 5 slots each day, plus Lunch. School starts at 8.20 (8.25, after O Canada and all the announcements) end ends at 3.15. It's pretty relaxing, because I can get up at 7 o'clock. Aah, and during lunch we were at a meeting for the badminton team, but I won't go to the difficult, you have to be really good!

On Friday I had my new schedule, and this means new Math teacher. In the first 10 minutes I didn't understand anything, because the teacher has an accent and his handwriting is not so good! :P But the Geraman boy is also in this class, and he could explain it too me; at the end of the lesson I came to the conclusion that this Math is also easy... And Spanish: Spanish was so much better now! My teacher speaks slower there, and the people speak as many Spanish as I do, and we spent the lesson playing a game and practising the future, so it was fun! And before Choire I met my Band teacher and asked him if I could practise anywhere during my spare lessons. He said yes, so the spare slots won't be boring anymore! Good day :) Because: After school we went to Polo Park!! It's the biggest mall in Winnipeg and we went there with a group of about 15 internationals. We had to walk 10 minutes to the bus stop, it was SOOO cold, I almost died. Nooo :D It took us almost an hour to get there, including waiting at he heated (!) bus station. But it was worth it, we really had fun! First, we ate something (me Spagetti). There are so many stores, you can't decide what too eat. Then the Slovakian guy came to the silly idea of hammering onto a package of ketchup, which ended in the security asking him to leave the mall within 15 minutes, because ketchup was all over the tables and jackets of other costumers oO So, we went by, but not outside but to other stores. I reeeeeeally like the mall, there is a candy shop (this is paradise, I MUST by something there), a chocolate shop (second paradise) and of course lots of clothing shops. After a brief visit at Zeller's to buy rubbers and so on we went to the cinema and watched "Chronicle". I just say: I was really, really scared!! Then we went back to the mall and I did some shopping at Garage. I bought a hoodie and a shirt (with so cute bows on it :)), they were on sale. Then I bought some apple juice and the boys started throwing the bottle around which ended in apple juice on the floor and an empty bottle in our hands. So we left soon! I sware, one day we will getting thrown out of the mall! We took the bus home to a international student girls home (including waiting at the bus station, talking with a probably stoned man (we were scared afterwards) and discussing about the value of happiness or something like was interesting anyway). My host father picked me up at this house, and I went to bed at 11:30 or so on :P But it was a really good (but long) day!


Soooooooo, I could write SO much more, but I think that's enough for today! :)

I hope you enjoy the photos of the mall!


Have fun

Adina :)

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    Salvatore (Thursday, 31 May 2012 13:24)

    will be restored quickly

  • #12

    Adina (Thursday, 16 February 2012 04:30)

    Tabea: Das klappt schon, der Trailer sieht ja schon ganz vielversprechend aus! Ja, musst du machen :)
    Ich weiß, hat mir Manu am letzte Tag in Deutschland erzählt, da hab ich ihn beim Laese getroffen :D Und in der Mail von Matze stands ja auch...
    LG an alle :)

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    Tabea (Wednesday, 15 February 2012 22:56)

    Ich hoffe, das mit dem Fasching klappt so, wie wirs uns vorstellen... Ich erzähl dir auf jedenfall, wies war.
    Caro kommt übrigens wieder zurück...

  • #10

    Adina (Tuesday, 14 February 2012 23:02)

    Daniela: Gute Besserung dann also auch an dich! Kannst ja meinen Blog lesen :D Ja, Banmd ist mein Lieblingsfach! Und spare heißt frei, oder Freistunde (hab ich das nicht mal erklärt?!). Ja klar, kann ich machen (wenn ich nicht zu faul dazu bin :D)!

    Maddie: Valentinstag, hmm...schon ein bisschen doof :P Aber unsere Lehrerin hat Valentins-Cupcakes für uns gemacht und in Spanisch haben wir nen schmalzigen Liebessong anghört (wir mussten aber alle nur über den Sänger lachen! :DD). Jaa, hier feiern wir auch Valentine's Day! Ich dachte, ihr wollt euch nix schenken?! :D Hier hatten auch ein paar Rosen oder Kuscheltiere.
    Faschiiing :D gibts hier nicht! Viel Spaß!!

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    maddie (Tuesday, 14 February 2012 19:19)

    heey du,
    na, wie war dein valentinstag? :)
    ich hab rosen bekommen, musste mit denen dann überall rumlaufen :DD

    Valentinstag wird doch in Canada auch gefeiert oder?
    ehm, die anderen Austauschschüler sehn ja ganz nett aus. find das voll geil mit'm einkaufszentrum :D

    naja, sonst gibt's eigentlich nichts neues..
    Freitag is schulfasching *-*

    bis bald,
    maddie ;*

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    Daniela (Tuesday, 14 February 2012 10:09)

    Hey Adina,
    jetzt hats mich auch erwischt und dabei war unsre Klasse wieder fast vollständig. Nur Bex hälts jetzt schon seit ner ganzen Woche daheim aus und drei andere sind auch wieder krank geworden. Mir ist jetzt schon langweilig und hab überhaupt keinen Plan was ich machen soll obwohl ich erst seit zwei Stunden Daheim rumsitze. Heute Nacht hats bei uns voll stark geschneit (und ich bin mal wieder zum falschen Zeitpunkt krank und kann nicht raus:(). Die Band-Stunde find ich hört sich voll torty (vielleicht hat bex dir schon erzählt,dass wir ein neues Wort erfunden haben, es bedeutet so viel wie cool). Und noch ne Frage, ich weiß nicht was Spare für ein Fach sein soll, ich habs zwar in google übersetzten lassen aber da kam nur so was wie "verschonen" raus:).
    Ich muss es noch mal sagen, dein Blog ist so der Hammer, kannst du mal Bilder von den drei Hunden reinstellen, bitte?
    viele Grüße ;)

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    Adina (Monday, 13 February 2012 23:51)

    Beate: It's sometimes boring here too, because I don't know so many people! Hmm...Garage...I think it's like Pimkie (but I'm not sure, because I usually only go h&m, Wöhrl and so on). I miss h&m, because they mainly have h&m in the french-speaking provinces and cities (like New Brunswick, Montreál, Quebéc)... :/
    Have fun, I miss you all too!

    Anja: Oh je, du bist auch krank (wie meine ganze Familie in Deutschland!) :/ Ja, Yvi, ich weiß! :)
    Achwas, Juze ist voll cool! Und der einzigste Ort in Laupheim, wo wenigstens was abgeht! Ich wär auch voll gern zur Abiparty gegangen!!
    Jaa, gechillt ist er! Aber langweilig bis jetzt noch nicht (bist auf manche spares), weil wir ja auch in Deutschland fast jeden Tag Mathe und Spanisch und Englisch hatten (ok, dieses Jahr vielleicht nicht, wir haben viele Doppelstunden!)...
    Jaa, wir machen auch viel Mist! Aber in Canada sind die halt leider ein bisschen strengen... Aber: Best memories come from bad ideas! ;)
    Jaaaa, ich vermiss euch! Müsst ihr jetzt halt basteln :P

    Viel Grüße an alle von ADINA :)

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    Anjo (Monday, 13 February 2012 18:38)

    Adinchen <3
    Ich würd ja auf Englisch schreiben, aber ich hab immer noch ne geschissene Magen-Darm-Grippe und nachdem ich heute nur eine Tüte Salzbrezeln und nen Toast (ohne Butter!!! -.-) gegessen hab, würde mein Englisch dich nur schockieren.

    Also erstmal: Ivy hat The Voice gwonnen. Ich konnte es leider nicht anschauen, war auf der Abiparty und wurde von irgendwelchen Besoffenen begrapscht o.O ehrlich, das Juze ist so ein dreckiges Kellerloch, ich hab gedacht ich bin in einem Bunker vom 2. Weltkrieg

    Also erstmal, find ich deinen Stundenplan voll gechillt. Aber wird das auf Dauer nicht voll langweilig. Ich mein jeden Tag fast das gleiche?
    Ich würd nach zwei Wochen durchdrehen, immer nur Mathe, Spanisch und Englisch
    Vorallem Spanisch und Mathe o.O

    Und irgendwie machen die anderen Austauschschüler mir Angts. Die sind fast so schlimm wie wir. :D Nur kommen wir immer mit unserem Scheiß davon. Also uns hat man noch nie aus einem Geschäft rausgelassen. Traut sich auch keiner. :P
    Aber okay, wir haben auch noch nie Ketchup auf andere Leute geschmiert nur mal ein Eis im Müller fallengelassen und Salat im Fene aufm Boden verteilt... *gg* *schäm*

    Auf jeden Fall klingts so als hättest du verdammt viel Spaß da drüben.
    Ich hoffe dir geht's gut und du vermisst uns ein bisschen.
    Ich auf jedenfall vermisse dich. In Deutsch, GK und Geschichte fehlt voll was ohne dich und deine Basteleien. :D
    --> haha, das reimt sich xD

    PS: der eine Pulli, den du auf dem einen Bild anhast ist voooooll schön *__* der passt voll zu deinen Augen!

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    Beati :) (Sunday, 12 February 2012 19:40)

    OMG - Adina!! :)
    Sounds sooo great!! :)
    I'm a bit jealous. Because it's sooo boring here. :D And you go through so many new experiences! :)
    Anyway, I want to have such a shop like "Garage" ! :D Shopping the whole day through! :D Is the shop more like H&M (by the way, are there any H&Ms in Canada?) or like something else (New Yorker or Pimkie? ) ?
    I really enjoy reading your Blog! My little Adina in big Canada ;)
    Enjoy the time there, honey :**

    Beate <3

  • #4

    Adina (Sunday, 12 February 2012 17:16)

    Yes, you're right! That's also because I have no "real" difficult classes, only Math (but that's easy so far), Spanish and English.

  • #3

    Monpti (Sunday, 12 February 2012 16:45)

    ... oh, I mean "Unterricht" is not that important! School is a really important place to meet people, I know!

  • #2

    Adina (Sunday, 12 February 2012 16:05)

    School is important, Mama! There you find friends, spend most of your time... But it's not stressful, and at home I don't spend much of my time on school stuff ;-)

  • #1

    Monpti (Sunday, 12 February 2012 13:57)

    Hi Adina! Looks like school really isn't the most important thing when you're doing a home stay. Decke is "ceiling", by the way! See you later (thanks Skype!)