Hello guys :D


Today I was in school :P So, first I tell you about today and then about my weekend, okay? Let's start.

My host brother drove me to school, so luckily didn't have to take the school bus. At the main office I was SO glad to meet the other German exchange student. Together with a student for Korea we went to the International Student Room where we met all the other student. The students are mainly from Mexico (only one guy is from Brazil), Korea (two guys are from Taiwan, but they speak no English) and Germany. Beside me there are three other Germans, of course the one who was on the plane with me, and one other girl and boy. We were welcomed by the international educationan staff. They're all very nice :) Then they showed us our locker, and gosh, it's very difficult to open them! Anyway. Next we went to the library to write an Math and English test so they can see which courses we can take. It was...difficult. I did 2/3 of the Math test and the half of the English test I just guessed :P Well. We had pizza lunch with all the international students, with the full year students too. There is one boy from Germany which is here since September. And a crazy Korean student called Angie. But she's very funny :D And of course other students from Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Slovakia and one guy from Turkey, if I remember right.

In the afternoon they showed us around the school. The school is big! I will get lost for sure.  And there are so many students, like 1200. The school is overcrowded and I have to share locker with another girl. In the building are to gyms for Physical Education classes, but they don't even change clothes or shoes. So it's not really sport! They have a music studio, a theater, labs, computer rooms (one computer room is only with Macs  - imagine!) and lots more. Then we got our agendas (which is a mix of handbook and calendar) and our schedules: I have Spanisch Grade 12 (omg!), English Grade 11 (I think), Band, Choir and Maths Grade 10 (because Maths Grade 11 was full). So my schedule is not very full, I have spare time every day, but Choir is in the lunch hour. I have a Day 1 and Day 2 schedule, but they're not different very much. Then we went home (after I found the right exit).


So, this was my first day of school! And I'm looking forward to tomorrow :)

On Saturday my host mother and I went to the mall to buy a card for my cell phone. I'm now at Fido and I have unlimited texting (10 dollars a month) and callin for 30 cent per minute. I think that's a good deal. On Sunday we went on a trip through the city and they showed me the school, the bus stop (although I don't have to use it till June) and the hospital. We went to Tim Hortons for lunch, where my host brother works. Tim Hortons is a big Canadian coffee shop, almost more popular than Starbucks. And in the evening we watched Superbowl (for those who don't konw: football - I didn't know either). EVERYBODY's crazy about the Supberbowl, and (which is strange) about the commercials. There are even lists for the best and worst commercials, but we didn't get the good US-commercials, becaues, well, we are in Canada :D And the halft time show was perfomed by Madonna. Wow. But I didn't watch till the end because I was tirede and I had to shower :D But jetlag is getting better.


So, that's it, I hope you enjoyed! :) I don't know when I will blog next, probably in one week, I don't know. But it will be on facebook (for those don't having facebook: check on Friday or so on...).





PS: They do announcements all the times AND they play the national hymne "O Canada" every morning...every student has to stand up and sing :D

AND: The janitor looks like the Janitor from Scrubs! :PP Not really the same, but same clothing (is it a overall? :DD)

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    Monpti (Tuesday, 07 February 2012 21:50)

    So how was your second day at school? Seems it's not too exhausting! Becci didn't go to school today (and won't tomorrow) because she's ill. Poor mousen! Kisses to you!

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    Adina (Tuesday, 07 February 2012 23:22)

    Second day was exhausting! I'm really tired now. Ooh, say best wishes to Rebecca! <3

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    maddie (Wednesday, 08 February 2012 17:03)

    hey addi,
    hab's jetz auch mal geschafft, dein Blog zu lesen ^^
    & bin grad bissl zu faul, Englisch zu reden ;D

    alsooo,wie ich deinen Posts entnehme gefällt's dir da in Canada gut und das freut mich :]
    hier ist alles wie immer, außer dass heute doppelstunde gk ausgefallen ist..:))

    ehm. bei mir gibt's jetz gleich Essen *-*
    Ich wünsch dir noch viel Spaß, vllt telefonieren wir ja bald mal ;)

    Pass auf dich auf & genieß es ;*

    hihihi :DD

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    Tabea (Wednesday, 08 February 2012 23:09)

    Hey Addi!
    So wie ich das lese gehts dir gut. Das ist ja schonmal die Hauptsache.
    Und wenn ich schonmal dabei bin, wollt ich dir den Trailer für unseren Schulfasching nicht vorenthalten:
    glg Tabea

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    Adina (Thursday, 09 February 2012 23:32)

    Maddy: Gutgut, deutsch versteh ich schon auch noch :-D
    Ich hab jeden Tag aber n bisschen langweilig, so ohne euch, ganz allein!
    jup, ich schau mal, wann du am WE on bist :)
    Wer geht mit zu Bulls? Das ist doch das unter der Woche, oder? Viel Spaß!!

    ja, geht ganz gut :) Trailer ist voll cool! :-D