Herzlich willkommen auf meinem Blog über meinen Austausch in Canada!

Auf diese Seite werde ich die nächsten 10 Monate oder so über meinen Austausch in Canada berichten! Ihr werdet unter anderem Berichte über das Vorbereitungsseminar, meine Gastfamilie, den ersten Tag an der Schule, die Heimkehr und die Zeit danach zu lesen bekommen! Ich hoffe, euch gefällt mein Blog und ihr kommentiert viel ;)

Ach ja: Und wenn ich in Canada bin, wird der ganze Blog turning into English :D. Falls jemand ein Problem damit hat, Google Übersetzer hilft weiter!

Achtung: Die Seite befindet sich noch im Aufbau! (ich weiß nicht, ob sich daran je etwas ändert :D)





True story, bro

Hi there!

Just quick: This weekend I spent in Fargo, but it's already 9pm, so I'll write about that next weekend.

But I wantet to share this text with you: I first so it on Facebook, where an exchange student I don't know shared it. Then two of my friends, also exchange students, blogged it on their blogs (Mariella and Theresa).

So, the text is NOT from me, I just find it very true and explains almost exactly what I feel and how I feel about leaving and the whole exchange thing.

Please read, it's very good! :)

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Less than a month left! oO

Hello everyone :)


I hope you're all fine, I am, though I'm really, really sad it's less than a month left. Only two weeks of school! On the other side, I'm happy to come home, to Germany, again (I dream sometimes of German food...).

So, but the last two weeks were pretty good. I start to feel really to be "home" here, I get settled (and that's why it's gonna be SO hard to leave).


The week before the last week

That week we had no school on Monday, because it was Victoria Day, but we don't have spring break - as in Germany ("Pfingstferien") - now.

The rest of the week we had 7am band rehearsals before school in order to prepare for the concert. It was kind of exhausting, but not as bad as I had expected. We also had extra-rehearsals for Choir. Yes, it was a...powerful (?) week.
On Friday, after before-school-rehearsal and a Math test (I got 82%, could be better though :D) we went to CAMP ARNES. That's a activity/outdoor/recreation/camp thing, located at Lake Winnipeg (it looked like in "Camp Rock", we girls thought). We went there originally to doing some zip-line/wall-climbing/etc. stuff, but it rained. All day. That was a bad thing, because I think Camp Arnes is usually a really cool place to do outdoor activities, when the sun shines it must be really beautiful. But we had fun anyways, though we didn't do anyhting they had planned for us; we played fun games inside, and the food there was DELICIOUS. I really liked it there, it was a good day! :)
On the weekend I did...nothing, I believe :D

The last week

Last week we had the concert on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday morning/afternoon we had dress rehearsal(s) for both Choir and Band, so I didn't go to school. The concert was in a church (and is really kind of hard to reach with Winnipeg Transit) and I liked the sound there. The concerts went pretty well, considering a week before, when we started extra rehearsals, the teachers were really mad and disappointed and angry and us, because we performed so poorly and didn't sell tickets (acutally, our Choir teacher dismissed us early from Choir, because he was not willing to listen to us any longer...).

Thursday afternoon the student council put on the annual spring carnival, which means they offered some games and activities outside, sold food and popcorn and stuff, there was a beach volleyball tournament, music, AND SO MUCH SUN. I think everybody got sunburned. But it was fun. I tie dyed a shirt, it was really fun, though there were not so many colours and my t-shirt had size L! Oh, and all money they received from the carnival went to charity!

After the concert on Thursday we went to Moxie's with Band/Choir, a really cool, delicious, though a bit expensive, restaurant. Because we had to move the stuff from the church to the school before, we arrived there at 11pm, and I had to leave at midnight, because we had school next day.

On Friday everybody came to my house for movies (yay, 3D-TV and surround system), we watched Thor and Dark Knight.

On the weekend I had to finish my English assignments, I'm just glad I'm done now!

TODAY: I got my MMC hoodie!!! :) I'm so happy and proud to have school wear now, I LOVE my hoodie (it is worth the $75...). It's really soft and has my name on it. You can see it on the pictures below!


That's it now. It feels really strange, less then a month left, considering 4 (!) months are already gone. It doesn't feel like 4 months though! I always get a feeling of panic when I think about leavin, I don't want to! Knowing probably never see those people again...it'll be harder to say good-bye to them then to my German friends, honestly. When I was saying good-bye to Germany, I knew: On the first of July I will returen. Now it's like: Who knows when we will EVER meet again?


One big thing is still coming up: Our shopping trip with my host family to North Dakota on Friday! I'm really excited for that!


So, take care guys and enjoy your life!


Adina :)


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Paintball and other stuff (that hurts)

Hi guys!


I know, it's a while since I wrote last time in my blog (3 weeks?!). Well, but I have something special for you: a video! I hope you like it. I talk German (ok, a bit of Englsih too) and the quality isn't very good either, but you might still get an impression.

Because: Yesterday we were able to see a partial (solar) eclipse here in Winnipeg! I think that's pretty cool, because an eclipse doesn't occur very often and it's good that I'm in Winnipeg right now, because you weren't able to see it e.g. in Europe. The camera couldn't capture the eclipse, but with those glasses you were able to see it relatively good (the sun looked liked the moon then). Actually, you could see it without the glasses too, but it isn't very healthy to look directly in the sun!

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Hey everyone (for those still reading)!


I just wrote like half of the text and then I accidentally pressed back and everything was deleted >.< However.


It's unbelievable it's already mid-term, isn't it? I'm not quite sure when exactly the mid of the term is, I think it should be April 15, but we get mid-term report cards tomorrow, so it must be somewhere around the last weekend. I like it so much here!!!


So, what did I do the past two weeks?


First of all, there were TWO fire alarms at school in row. On Wedensday was no real fire at all, but on Thursday there was really a fire in the boys' washroom :D  At first I was a bit confused because I didn't know what to do, but then it got a bit annoying, waiting outside for half an hour or so...


That day after school we first went to Polo Park. I got there in my spare earlier to buy rosin for my violine in a music store near Polo Park - the one I bought is actually from Germany and it looks similar to my old one :D In the evening we went alltogether to a friends house to watch movies and eat pizza.


On Thursday my violine E string ripped during band class (in which also happened the secon fire alarm). I tried to fix it at the weekend on skype with my sister, because luckily I had a second string at home, but I somehow managed also breaking this one too. So, two broke strings in four days, yay :P


After school I went for sushi with the other Germans (and on Czech boy :D). It was ok, it's a bit difficult to enjoy sushi if you don't like fish, but it tasted suprisingly good. Plus I learn how to eat with chopsticks! :P It was bit complicated because I had my violine with me and my credit card didn't work...the daily problems of an exchange student!


Then, last Friday [the following day] we had a field trip with my Spanish class to the University/College of St Boniface, because it was "Dia de la Hispanidad" ("Day of (being) Spanish"). The Spanish Teacher Association of Manitoba offered some workshops for all the high school spanish student of Winnipeg. I had "artesania" (means art/crafts, we mainly glued wool on a piece of paper to get a whole picture) and "Zumba", that's a mixture of aerobic and latin-american dancing. I enjoyed both, but especially zumba was so much fun, I really want to start it in Germany! The food was also DELICIOUS! ;-) But it rained and we had to use Winnipeg transit, means public transport (bussing and so on...).


On the weekend I did nothing, just relaxing. Spanish is really much work for the IB exam gets nearer and nearer. But I still like Spanish more than in Germany! My English is getting better, I start thinking some words in German and preferring English words (like "supposed" - there's no translation for that!). But I don't think I make that much progress in difficult, written English (eg. for a newspaper article of Macbeth...).


Last Thursday we went (after hours of discussing) to a friend's house and watched - suprise, suprise - movies! It was still funny and the family made us spagetti and they had a piano :)

And on Friday we had no school at all!


This weekend I finally got new strings (they were SO cheap in my opinion) and we had a family barbecue. My host mum left today for a week in Utah, BUT she said maybe we would go to the states in June alltogether! That would be so cool!!


I hope you are all fine - I am, unless it's a bit strange to know that this new life has an end (June 30) and you may never see this people again :( I can't stop saying I'm SO glad that I'm here, it was one of the best decisions in my life. It's not perfect, but there's no such thing as perfection in life in my opinion! :)


Have a great time


Taz and Bentley
Dogs enjoy good weather too!
bracelet "Weltentdecker"
"Weltentdecker" from KulturLife - by Instagram
4 guys at Polo Park
Polo Park - our second home :P
sky at Polo Park
But I like it :)
My violine
New strings! You can still see the rosin.
Yummy sushi - by Instagram.
random people sitting around
University of St Boniface
pink origami frog
That's what happens on a boring weekend - pink origami frog!
We have lockers like in High School Musical! :P
some MEXICANS - and on Turkey :P
What should we do?? :D
sky and backyards and fences
Winnipeg! View from our backyard






Spring Break - 2 Months - Happy Easter!

Hi everybody!


I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! Happy Easter too! And I'm sorry I didn't write last week, but I heard you don't have so much time to read my blog either, so I think you're all fine.


It was Spring Break two weeks ago and it was a bit sad we weren't allowed to travel (not even for one day within Manitoba...). But I went to a birthday "party"...well, we only went to a mall called Kildonan Place (KP), it's smaller than Polo Park, but nearer. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut - yummi pizza (I had pizza for lunch too, but in my opinion you can never get enough pizza!) :) On Thursday I went shopping with the girls at Polo Park, it was so fun, and it was actually the first time I went there for shopping and not just eating and movies. I spent quite a bit money, but some things were really essential, e.g. batteries (so I can show you the pictures now I made with my camera :)).

The next day I went to a friend's house (he lives outside the city and we had to walk 20 min to get there from the bus stop, and I already walked 20 min to the bus stop, because I got off to early from the bus...I'm not sure if bussing is really my thing...) and we watched a movie. Then we went to the airport to meet a returning Semester 1 student from Germany who spends his easter break in Canada. Unfortunately we missed him, so we waited 2h there in vain...well, that's life. It was fun anyway :)


It was so strange being at the airport again, I could really see me walking down the stairs...I wondered how much happened since the time I first met my host family. It was DEFINITELY a good decision coming to Canada, I learned so much, met so many amazing people, my English gets better every day (but I still think I could make progress faster, I'm too much into German here). It was really strange.


This week was school again. School was like...always ;D The weather was good though,  I spent my spares outside. We had a test in Math...the usual. Math's really boring and English's hard, reading Macbeth always makes me a headache. Spanish and Band is fun, in Choir I don't really share the opinions of the teacher, but I like singing!


On Thursday this week we did yoga in our Spanish class. In Spanish, which means the instructor spoke Spanish with us...and we did yoga in Spanish :D It was a bit exhausting though, but I like yoga. I think about taking yoga classes when I'm back in Germany, but I'd like to do Zumba too, and I can't do both, so I think I'll start Zumba and do yoga on Wii!

Back to the topic. On Thursday all classes only lasted 35 min and we didn't have lunch break, so school was over at 12:00. We went...again...to Polo Park... This time it was really annoying, we went two times to the cinema and decided to times not to watch a movie and somebody came up with this silly idea of hiding my binder and I almost freaked out! Yeeeeeees, I really love the people here ;D


On Friday night, which was Good Friday, we had a family dinner. I absolutely love baked potatoes ;D It was kind of strange having a dinner on Good Friday, because usually Good Friday is the day when you absoulutely don't eat any special food...at least that's how it is in my (real) family.

On Saturday (yesterday) we went to the parents of my host mother who live 40 min outside Winnipeg. It was the first time outside Winnipeg for me, and I have to say: Manitoba is really flat, and there is NOTHING. I met the whole family there (had some food, of course) and we watched hockey ("It's hockey night in Canada"). The Jets lost :(

Did I mention that the Winnipeg Jets are the local ice hockey team? Everybody is crazy about the Jets, you can't even get tickets for this season and everybody has something from the Jets (shirt, cap, hoodie,...). The Jets are really integrated in the everyday-life of the people, I think you don't even have a chance to decide whether you want to be a Jets fan or not, everybody living in Winnipeg MUST be a Jets fan!


Yes, that's mainly what happened. Did I mention I watched The Hunger Games two times? My host sibling asked me if I wanted to join them as they were going to the cinema and of course I said yes! Good movie :)

The pictures uploaded are I think from the time we went to The Forks with the other internationals. I'm not sure if they're interesting! :D


Aaaaww. I ate to much chocolate eggs. The easter bunny came during supper tonight...that was funny :P


Oh, I almost forgot the video of the week (2 weeks ;D). The song is called "Call me maybe" and it's from Carly Rae Jepsen, a Canadian singer. Call Me Maybe is SO popular here, I can't believe you don't know it, they play it ALL THE TIME on the radio here. I think it's my favourite song right now. Though it's not real music, but this a bit annoying pop music, it still puts me in a good mood and it's good for getting awake ;-)

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The Tributes of Panem

Happy Hunger Games!


I watched this movie yesterday and it was AWESOME! It's the best movie based on a booked I know (it was even better than the Harry Potter movies - but the books are not so good, because nothing is better than Harry Potter!) and I loved it! So, check it out!

And I'm sorry that there was no entry last week, but the batteries of my camera were empty...and there still empty (batteries are SO expensive here!). But I can still show you the pictures from my cell phone. Would you like to see a video I made? Please comment!

I now have spring break! But I'm not quite sure what to do, because we're not allowed to travel without an adult, not even within Manitoba (but I have to double-checkt this). We will probably see Winnipeg...

Last weekend we had a loooooong weekend, we had Thursday and Friday off. On Thursday we went to The Forks. It was SO beautiful weather, really sunny and we had lots of fun. We had ice cream and played Bullshit (a card game where you have kind of to lie). In the evening we went Polo Park (again, I now) and saw...er...Goon! It's a hockey movie about a guy who only plays hockey for fighting. It was a good movie, althought violent (it was a 18+ movie...), but a good story. I think I've never watched so many movie in my entire life!

Oooh, and we had a field trip to...The Forks!!! But it was funny, because we didn't had to go to school and we usually would have played some kind of hockey, but because of the food weather there was no ice :D So we just had to answer a question sheet about The Forks and then we were allowed to do whatever we want!

And: I went with my host family to a candy store (I forgot the name :D). And they have EVERY candy I've ever sas! They have everything chocolate covered, dried fruites, dog sweets (:D), easter things,... *__*

Yeah. That's pretty much all about what happened the last two weeks. We got report cards. I think mine is pretty good, all the teachers wrote positive stuff (but I think that's what they always do anyway).


This video we watched in our last band class, because half of the band was in Scotland, so we just watched music videos, for example the Piano Guys. The video below is only recorded by the Piano Guys, but the pianist is INCREDIBLE! And Harry Potter has the movie music ever!!! Just enjoy the magic. And check out more videos of The Piano Guys :)

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Hi there :)

I don't know why this is called Awesome, but I like the word and it's also kinda awesome being here.

So, I'm supposed to tell you what I did this week :D


Let's start:

I had school this week as usually, but I forgot what we did :D Nothing special, I assume :D


Spanish: Got 10/10 for my assignment (with the help of some Mexicans), I had to do an oral presentation (I think I didn't do well, but the teacher liked it anyway), and I have to speak a lot, not as in Germany!

Math: Boring. Easy. I don't really like it. The teacher is the worst of all my teachers, and Math is boring because it's so easy. I will get stupid here. And fat, because I do no sports at all!

Choir: The teacher is strict, but the Choir is really good because of this. We will record the piece (written by our teacher) and we have to practise a lot.

English: I like the teacher, although the people there are....I don't know. We had to write a short story from another point of view, I wrote 7 pages handwritten and had to type it (gosh, I was so confused with the Canadian keyboard at the beginning) and it was still 3 pages, 1300 words! I'm so glad I'm done, although I'm not really happy with my story. Now we're starting Macbeth which really scares me because of the old and complicated English (it's even hard reading classic literature in German - how will it be in English?!). But today we watched only the movie :D

Band: I really like playing in the band. It's so fun and I like the teacher. But we're playing Fugue in G minor from Bach and I HAVE TO PLAY A SOLO AT THE BEGINNING! But that's kind of funny becaues the whole band claps for me when I'm finished :D We're also playing "Fantasy of Flight" from Williams, including themes from Star Wars and Harry Potter :D

So, that's what school is about.



On Friday we went to Polo Park (yeah, again), which was kind of not-so-good because I didn't had my credit card with me and I had to leave my violine in my locker durimg the weekend (ok, probably I wouldn't have practised anyway). We went to John Carter in IMAX 3D ($15!!!), but it's really good. It has something from the original 3D experience. You know, I've seen so many 3D movies now, it's not something specail anymore. But IMAX 3D is really better, sharper, more colourful and the sound is also better (and louder...). And you have to wear really big 3D glasses!

But on the way home with the bus, after we already drove half an hour and waited half an hour at the bus stop, I thought (or better: somebody told me) I was on the wrong bus. So I went out, it was 11 o'clock and the next bus home was in half an hour (and it was, of course, freezing). And no, there was no heated bus stop! So I had to call my host dad to pick me up! :D

On Sunday I went to the Forks with some internationals. The Forks is so beautiful, and the weather was really good....I was so relaxed :)

BUT to go there was a mess. I wanted to go by bus, but the bus drove by! TWO TIMES!!! So, again, my host dad had to drive me, because the next bus was in an hour... It seems busses don't like me! :P

The Forks is kind of a touristic place where you can buy souvenirs and stuff like that. And foooooooood! We had mini donuts (so good, with much sugar and fat, but still good :D) and I bought Jelly Belly and Kinder chocolate (importaded from Poland, but it's simply the best chocolate of the world! ;)).

Tomorrow we will go to a field trip to The Forks. I sucks a bit, because usually you can go ice skating there, but now the ice and snow is melting. But I'm still glad about the sun, the spring and the thaw (ok, currently it's not very nice, because it's slippery and dirty allover, but it's a sign for better times :))!


I hope you had a great week and I enjoyed my blog and the pictures. And I hope you're all fine :) I am :)


I have a video for you, I like it SO much:

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1 month - unbelievable!

Hi there!


I'm already one month here, and I think this is kind of incredible. The time went by SO fast; it doesn't feel like I'm here for one month, but more then two weeks!

And therefore I think it's time to draw up a summary:



  • I went throgh the airports in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Toronto and Winnipeg almost alone
  • I can walk through Miles Mac without looking at the floor plan
  • I met sooooo many cool people at Miles Mac
  • New Student Orientation --> even more amazing persons
  • I was able to take the bus home, completly alone
  • I went to Polo Park: Shopping! (and St Vital too :D)
  • I can watch 2 Broke Girls
  • I can watch all those cool American shows: Superbowl, Oscars, Grammys,...
  • I LOVE bagels and cupcakes (and I know the differences between muffins and cupcakes :D)
  • I had fun!
  • I watched Apple-Keynotes with Steve Jobs
  • my English is getting better, especially my listening skills and I also speak a lot more English
  • it feels very familiar here, my memories of Germany start to vanish
  • I like school, even Spanish (I hated it in Germany, but here it's one of my favourite classes)
  • I got amazing birthday presents from Germany :D
  • ...and from Canada!
  • I'm good at the quizzes/tests at school
  • I picked courses for my next school year in Germany
  • I saw an exclusive scene preview for The Hunger Games and also of course the trailer AND we will go there on March 23!
  • I was happy

Total: 20 (but I could list much more things!)



  • I don't have anybody who's my real best friend
  • I hate my English assignment
  • I can't play the pieces in my Band class
  • I eat unhealthy
  • I don't do any sports (and I don't really want to, but I should :D)
  • I still write, listen to and speak a lot of German
  • Math class is SO boring and easy and I'm scared of not being able to get the stuff in Math back in Germany
  • I miss my friends and family
  • I haven't been to the festival and The Forks yet
  • I sometimes can't open my window :D
  • I spend lots of time alone (ok, with my hostfamily) at home
  • I'm always late for school :D
  • I watch too much TV and bad movies such as Ghostrider 2 :D
  • my credit card doesn't work sometimes!
  • I was unhappy

Total: 15 (but some of the aren't really negative :D)


Positives: 20             Negatives: 15               --> Positive wins! :)


I hope you enjoyed this entry. This week was very good, I think Friday was one of my best days here. I don't know why, but I was very happy :) This week I had school as normal (but a 60 minute TA minute where we just played a game), on Friday I had a Math open-book test, but then we went to the New Student Orientation. I had so much fun, although the content was...well...not that new and interesting for us. After "school" we went to Polo Park and watched Ghostrider 2 (worst movie ever!). On Saturday we went to Subway for supper and afterwards to Walmart (I somehow like Canadian supermarkets). Today we went shopping at a mall called St Vital and had some New York Fries (they're really good!).


I hope you're all fine! :)



PS: 1. Thanks to Tess for the inspiration! ;)

2. I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, but it is so much easier for me to take photos with my (1-megapixel) cell phone-camera!

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Happy Birthday! ;)

Hi everybody!


Well, another week went by, and this week was my birthday! :P But I think that's all with interesting stuff this week.

On Monday, we had no school, so I was just sitting at home, doing nothing and being lazy. On Tuesday, back in school, I got my first tests and quizzes back:

7/10 in Spanish (but that was on my first day, so it doesn't really count), 5/5 also in Spanish and 19/20 in Math. So I'm pretty glad about that! On Thursday I went to Safeway and spent $30!! It's not that cheap here. But it was necessary! In the evening I skyped with my very best friend in Germany, because it was her birthday. It was kinda strange, because usually we have birthday on the same day, but this year she went 16 one day before I went 15! It was also fun to see all those people again.

The next day was MY birthday, and in the morning (before school) I opened the present from my aunt which I brought from Germany. It was a beautiful necklace, I really like it and I wore it all day! Thank you for that :)

In school they sang Happy Birthday (also in Spanish) to me, and I even got a present (chocolate, hair pins, card)! Thank you. At home we had spagetti for supper and a DELICOUS Oreo-birthday-cake...yummie.

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Every day a little better

Hi, hi, hi today, space taxi, to the skyyyy :D

Let's write about my second week. Wow, it's not so long since I'm here, but I really feel at home here. And it's only about 18 weeks until I come back to Germany!

My week was not something special, I live my everyday life here:



School was ok, but I had to do some homework at home! That's very unusual, because I usually finish all my homework at school. My band teacher was not in school, so the lesson was kind of chaotic. But here you can't go at home when a teacher isn't there, they always have a substitute teacher, and that's why lessons never "fall out".


It was Valentine's Day, but well....I was in Canada and not in Germany, so it was just another ordinary Tuesday. I had TA meeting today, which means that all the lessons are a bit shorter, so they can make an extra slot where you go to your homeroom and your teacher advisor. They full-year students got their report cards and Ms Okano, my teacher advisor, told us something about the rules and a field trip. At home I got some chocolate from my host mother, you can see it in the picture below :) I was really happy about that!


We had Early Dismissal on this day, because there was a staff meeting in the afternoon, so all lessons are a bit shorter and you can go home earlier :) So Wednesday was kind of relaxed.


Today my Spanish teacher was not available, so we could work on our own and learn the vocabulary. Choir was really funny, because we practised OH YEAH and CHANGE with gospel voice, and we had to scream and so on...it was fun :D And English was also very interesting, because we talked about moral dilemmas (which menas: what is right? what is wrong? kind of philosophy), I realy liked that. In my spare lessons I went to Safeway (supermarket) with Angie to buy a birthday present for my host sister and some pencils. And back in school I talked with the vice principal oO He is nice, and I didn't do anything wrong...but...long story!


School was ok, I was late for Math, but however (well, not really late, but just on time :D). We wrote an open-book test in Math, and it was really easy! And next in Spanisch...we wrote a vocabulary test! But it wasn't too difficult, we just had to describe a picture. But I figured out that I have to do oral exams in Spanisch in March...I'm a bit scared, because I can't talk really good in Spanish. Because it was my host sister's birthday, we had tacos for supper and cake. Yummie!


On Saturday (yesterday) we went to the Manitoba Museum. It's about the history of Manitoba, but also a bit about geology and so on. I enjoyed it :) We also went to the planetarium, which is connected to the museum, and had a look into the Manitoba sky at night. I like planetariums :) We ordered pizza for supper, it was reeeeally good!


Well, that was my week. For some reason I don't like this entry, the English isn't good, it sounds strange...well.


Have a great week



PS: Please notice that I always answer your comments and guestbook entries. So check out the page a few days later to see my answer!

Sorry, there are not many pictures this week. But I really don't know which pictures to take, and I forgot my camera when we visited the museum...

And for picture descripitons, please click onto the picture. It will pop up and you will see the subheading below the picture...just in case you haven't knwon that yet.

And: I will ususally blog once a week, on sunday or saturday. I think this is enough (it's really not that intersting what I write!).


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